5k Arri Light
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3D Models. Add realism and spice up renders with fully textured models.

  • Hamilton Beach Toaster

    Hamilton Beach Toaster

    This retro design Hamilton Beach Toaster is the same toaster I own. Included with the toaster model is a fully textured Thomas English Muffin. The toaster along with other models in the "Kitchen Collection" are a handy resouce to quicky add realism to architectural kitchen designs.
  • Osterizer 12 Speed Blender

    Osterizer 12 Speed Blender

    Part of the "Kitchen Collection" the Osterizer 12-Speed Blender is a handy item to spice up computer generated kitchen designs. I evenly want to include a free Milk Shake and Margarita glass model as part of the finished offering.
  • Mr Coffee Coffee Maker

    Mr Coffee Coffee Maker

    Kitchen remodeling is competitive and big business, the ability to visualize options for clients greatly helps in decision making, client satisfaction and retention. Modeling the kitchen itself along with custom cabinetry is time consuming enough, quickly dropping in kitchen appliances from a liberary saves time and is a nice touch to add realism to sell the images an ultimatly the entire project.
  • Wusthof 9 Piece Knife Block

    Wusthof 9 Piece Knife Block

    Wusthof Knife 9-Piece Block Set
  • The Kitchen Collection

    The Kitchen Collection

    The Kitchen Collection
  • Dead Mans Switch Atomic Mug

    Dead Mans Atomic Mug

    Wanted to include a simple coffee mug as a free object with my Mr Coffee coffee maker, but ended up spending so much time with this design I've decided to sell it as a stand alone object. The "Caution: Hands Off My Coffee" text on mug is a weak slogan for a mug with a dead-mans switch handle... I'm still thinking. A stainless steel of jet fusulage texture might also make an interresting alternative for surfacing main body of the mug.
  • Arri 5K Fernel

    Arri 5K Fernel

    Arri 5k Fresnel model includes barn doors and a Mathews C-Stand. I've used this model several times in comericial projects to highlight client products. Its also prominently used on this website. Eventually I hope to offer a "Studio Collection" that includes three lighting instruments, camera, triprod, and the studio itself to be used in behind the scenes type product shots.
  • Arri 2K Open Face

    Arri 2K Open Face

    The Arri 2K Openface model comes with an Arri Lightstand and a Chimera Soft Box. I used an Arri Light kit for years it had four lighting instruments, stands, barn doors, two Chimera softboxes and cost about $3500. The new kits that use LED bulbs and have adjustable color temperature are very sweet, but since they cost more than $8000 I don't know a single person who still buys and uses these once popular lighting kits.
  • Christmas Nutcrackers

    Christmas Nutcrackers

    Merry Christmas Lightwavers... thank you Lightwave Community for the many lightwave objects, scenes and tutorials I've downloaded, devoured and picked apart over the years in my quest to learn. Here is my Holiday offering to the lightwave community. Three fully textured nutcrackers with all images and the scene file seen above included for download. Please enjoy these objects my Lightwave brethren... they are free to use in you own projects, but please do not repackage or resale as part of a larger collection.
    Chris Wetzel - BluSky Imaging
  • Honda Fury

    Honda Fury

    This is the motorcycle I'd like to be riding around the hill country of Texas... since that isn´t going to happen I decided create it as a computer model instead. The time needed for me to create a model of this detail is a little crazy, but I like to model as a relaxer and plan to post it for sale on TurboSquid and hopefully make some money for my efforts. Alot of detail in the model is still missing and the textures are all just presets, in my final posting I'd like to polish the model with more detail and some custom UV textures. If time premits I'd also like to include it in a finished scene that has an old west flavor, but replaces the horse with the Fury.
  • RCA Type 77DX Microphone

    RCA Microphone Type 77 DX

    The RCA Type 77-DX microphone is a poly-directional ribbon microphone, or pressure-gradient microphone, introduced by the RCA Corporation in 1954. The 77-DX has been used on countless vocal recordings by Bing Crosby, Kate Smith, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Al Green, and many others. It is still sought after today for use in recording brass instruments.
  • RCA Microphone

    Shure Super 55 Microphone

    This is a modern microphone based on an iconic design first introduced in 1939. The Shure 55 Unidyne Series came to symbolize the word “microphone.” Its benchmark status was earned through a reputation as a tireless workhorse and dependable performer, achieved by unprecedented audio quality and reliability. Celebrities, entertainers, and politicians relied on them. They survived wartime service and were familiar fixtures at critical moments in history. Scores of photographs, films, and videos show this microphone series in the company of kings, queens, presidents, and generals. They stood in front of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald during the Big Band era. Elvis embraced them in performance and on a first-class stamp issued in 1994 by the United States Postal Service. Countless rock stars, past and present, have chosen the 55 Unidyne Series. Today, decades after their first appearance, Unidyne Microphones are as popular and sought after as ever. While the microphones have been improved over the years to keep them technologically up-to-date, they still retain the streamlined appearance of the 1930s model.