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Black Beauty

Atomic Mugs - Black Beauty

Missile Command

Atomic Mugs - Missile Command

3D Model: Atomic Bomb Mug with Dead Mans Switch Handle$15.00

Design notes:

I wanted to include a simple coffee mug as a free object with my Mr Coffee coffee maker, but ended up spending so much time with this design I've decided to sell it as a stand alone object. "Good to the Last Drop" is a great slogan for an atomic bomb mug with a dead-mans switch handle... of course it's been used before. The orginal design was the black-beauty mug with a procedural texture for the black main body and a UV map for placement of the rivits around the fins. A metal bomb fusulage seemed like an obvious and interresting alternative so I created one. Again I used a procedural for the main body, but the rivits on this one are geometry. I used an AI generated image from vecstock view here on Freepik as the coffee shop background image. The orginal image had a cup of coffee on the tabletop, so I removed it with Photoshops AI removal tool... its a brave new world. The forground table top and mugs are my models. I used Lightwave's compositing tools to add the background image and match its camera depth-of-field blur.

  Creation Tools: Lightwave, Photoshop

  Available Formates: Lightwave, Blender

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