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Clear Lake Mazda
Logo Treatment

How many logos feature a spinning globe? I've done four or five myself here is one for a Mazda Dealership that's not far from NASA.

Cajun Stuff
Logo Treatment

Como the Crawfish was an existing logo-type for Cajon Stuff and this was the first attempt at creating a 3D logo treatment.

Epoxy Armor
Logo Treatment

To design his company logo the client used an online service where designers create on spec and are paid only if the design is used.

3M Anti-Fungal Shingles

3M had a print brochure the featured these fungus characters, working from that and a voiceover for timing I created this graphic...

Beverage Shoppe

The Beverage Shoppe is like having a wine cellar in your basement. The swinging lamp in the graphic and audio of the finished ad support a raging party happening unstairs.

ReMax Realtors

Ended up doing this graphic for 17 different realtors and didnt't have a font to match the ReMax Logo so I had to hand draw each name by hand...

J. Barton Clothiers

I never had any contact with the client on this logo treatment I worked with another Time Warner Producer named Darrel Mannis.

Planet Ford

Planet Ford was a huge new dealership that was being built when I left the Houston Market. I was working an...

Levantino & Company

A CPA firm in the Houston Market, I made Levantino spots for many years and developed this logo treatment to...

A & H Electric

Created this logo years ago as part of a broadcast TV commericial created for a local Houston business, you can see the orginal....

Billboard Testing Model

Billboad graphics need to be simple simple simple... so they can be read while zipping by at 65 miles per hour.

Sentinel Investments

A simple standup with the main issue being balanceing the light entering from the 35th floor skyline window.