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BluSky Imaging design services.

BluSky Imaging is not an advertising agency or design studio clearinghouse. We use graphic design and persuasive appeals to sell or cleints products and services. No matter how skillful we are, we can't invent a product advantage that doesn't exist. And if we do, it's just a gimmick, that will eventually put the company in a bad light. That′s why we stick to what we do well... creating ads and persuasive appeals in print, video and the web. Use links below to jump to work in these categories.

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graphic design

BluSky Imaging helps small and medium sized businesses make a big impact. We tailor graphic design solutions to highlight the unique selling points of your company and its products. Some of our graphic design services include: logos, business cards, brochures, print advertising, large display graphics, videos, mailers, and more.

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web design

I am passionate about design, website interface usability and web standards. I strive for clean design, clean compliant code and quick loading responsive websites. Will the internet launch a thousand nitch markets, fulfill the promise of easy access to information and targeted advertising or create a technology / information under class just and be the idiot-box of the next century? I have high hopes for what the internet will become and want to be a part!

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video production

  • Broadcast Advertising (demo)
  • Tradeshow Looping Video (demo)

I love finding the creative hook for great copy, directing performances for verisimilitude and intent, shooting rich images from interesting angles, creating graphics that add meaning to the message and bringing it all together in an edit of elegance and impact. In fourteen years in TV commercial production, I’ve worn the hats of writer, director, videographer, graphic artist and editor. In each of these roles, I’ve worked hard to bring the things “I love” to every project.

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motion graphics

Motion graphics include special effects, video compositing, color correction toolsets, 3D and 2D elements in motion and often edited to audio. My experience with motion graphics is mostly 3D logo treatments and elements of larger projects like show opens/closes, segment transitions and graphic reveals. Creation time is often time intensive for very short elements, but can add greatly to the production value of the overall piece.

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sales support

Annual reports, sales one sheets, customer training and any marketing materials print, digital or otherwise that is used to support your sales staff. For several of my clients I maintain online photo galleries and photo albums for staff to show on sales calls. Large project proposals and computer generated visualizations of proposed jobs can also be a great sales tool.