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3D Model: Dodge Viper Neon Sign $15.00

Design notes:

Why neon signs... their cool and I had several made as components of previous projects, please view here. The neon sign model includes the fully textured brick wall model as shown. I wanted a close up of the neon so a created a model of the brick wall that had real depth. First I made a brick wall image seamless, then I created a polygon of the same size as the image, sub-divided it many times then displaced the sub-divided polygon with a high contrast black and white version of the same image. The sub-divided polygon had way to many vertices so I used a polygon reduction tool and copied it edge to edge four times. Then I surfaced the model with a the color brick image and a specular map.

  Creation Tools: Lightwave, Photoshop

  Available Formates: Lightwave, Blender

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