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Osterizer 12-Speed Blender

Advanced Coatings Mailer

Margarita Glass, Lime and Cutting Board Model Included

Advanced Coatings Mailer

3D Model: Osterizer 12-Speed Blender $15.00

Design notes:

Part of the Kitchen Collection, the Osterizer 12-Speed Blender is a great dropin to quickly add realism to kitchen remodel visualizations. The Olmeca Tequila model is a digital asset I downloaded online, so I won't be including it in my download, but everthing else... the Margarita glass, lime, pairing knife and cutting board are all included. As you can see the kitchen collection models are highly detailed, built to scale and could be used as elements in many kitchen product shots: coffee, jam, english muffens, bagels, blender drinks and more. My orginal faux layout for the Olmeca didn't work, so I centered the Margarita glass re-rendered and walla! Being able to change camera angles, product layout and lighting is nice... I wonder how many product beauty shots are currently accomplished with computer models.

  Creation Tools: Lightwave, Photoshop

  Available Formates: Lightwave, Blender

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