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Witch Hand Candle Holder
Witch Hand Candle Holder

Candle Holder Detail

Witch Hand Candle Holder - Detail

Candle Holder Base

Witch Hand Candle Holder - downshot
Witch Hand Candle Holder

Witch Hand Candle HolderTBA

Design notes:

Witch Hand Candle Model is still under construction, hand texturing, snake bracelet and an animation comming soon! I saw this candle holder on sale at Halloween and instantly liked it... I didn't buy it however and now I can't find it! I decided to model it mainly because it's high degree of difficultly. For example: Soft body modeling with bones to move the hand, texturing the complex shape of a hand, particle dynamics with collision object for dripping candle wax and candle flame, moving snake bracelet that crawls up arm plus all the rings: scull, moonstone, eyeball, two pentigram rings, flor de lune, devils heart, coffin and cat charm ring.

  Creation Tools: Lightwave, Photoshop

  Available Formates: Lightwave, Blender

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