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We're Organized Christmas Poster
We're Organized Spring Poster
Black Friday Sale Poster

Seasonal Posters

COPY: Chris Wetzel LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel
PHOTOS: None GRAPHICS: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

I created these large (3ft x 4ft) seasonal posters for We're Organized Garage Cabinets with no clear direction from the client. No seasonal sale's offer or unique benefit like "Aluminum is Our Edge". "Big Spring Time Savings!" and "Storage for Your Life" seems like a weak (if not cliche) appeal to me now. "Messy Garage? Don't Agonize Get Organized!" is a better appeal I used for this client later on. No photos on any of these posters just Photoshop and Lightwave for creation tools, a flatbed scanner to input the fall leaves and a point and shoot camera for textures of the storage items in the cabinet. Quick note.. a flatbet scanner is awesome. Peal a label off anything, put it under the scanner and you have a perfectly flatly lite image.. just what you want for 3D.

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