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We're Organized Summer Poster

Summer Poster

COPY: Chris Wetzel LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel
PHOTOS: None GRAPHICS: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

The owner of We're Organized Garage Cabinets hates computer generated images, he's afraid people will feel lied to about his product if the images are computer generated and can't pass as photo real... he's probably right. When supplied with product shots like the ones below, most likely taken last minute on a cell phone camera, I don't have much choice, but to recreate images in the computer and do my best to make them look real. Creating images like this is incredibility time consuming, making them look photoreal even more so, but I'm getting faster and my skills are getting better. This poster is huge 3ft. x 4ft. and in the finished product an 8.5 x 11 inch brochure holder was attached to the front.

Client Supplied Photo

Advanced Coatings Mailer

Unusable Quality

Advanced Coatings Mailer

Tools: photoshop, lightwave

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