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Black Friday Sale Poster

Mic Detail

Mixer Detail

Tom Sullivan Poster

COPY: Chris Wetzel LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel
PHOTOS: None GRAPHICS: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

We're Organized had a twenty year relationship with the radio personality Tom Sullivan, but because of his contract with KFBK-Radio and KROV-TV we could not use his image in any We're Organizing advertising. The solution a completely computer generated Tom Sullivan ad that shows his connection to KFMB and the copy he reads when not improvising his dialogue. I'm proud of my microphone and mixer model, but not so much the surfaceing. Lightwave's new PBR rendering system (since 2018) would do a much better job, but this poster was created in 2005. A 24x36 inch poster at 300 DPI makes this single frame render huge! As I remember it took about 36 hours to render... I'm temped to re-render on my 32 core threadripper and see how long it would take in 2021.

Tools: photoshop, lightwave

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