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We're Organized Quad Fold Brochure
We're Organized Quad Fold Brochure

We’re Organized - Quad Fold Brochure

COPY: Chris Wetzel LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel
PHOTOS: None GRAPHICS: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

A quad fold brochure approx 8.5 x 14.65 inch unfolded and sized from a templete downloaded from the company that did the printing. It was also designed to be mailed and had a clear circle adhesive dot that held it closed when mailed. As for my design work, I think a did a solid job squeezeing alot of information into a small space. Alot of the design elements, the trophy, the cabinet with the aluminum extrusion pop outs, the sixteen foot cabinet set I'd used before in other advertising.

Tools: photoshop, lightwave

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