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J.Barton Clothiers - Logo Treatment

AD COPY: N/A LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

I had no contact with the client on this logo treatment I worked with another Time Warner Producer named Darrel Mannis. The shape of the J. lent itself to a classic write-on, unlike a 2D paint box, where the write-on would be flat the "J" and all the text elements where 3D objects and I could fly them in with a motion path. The write-on itself was accomplished with a 96 frame clip map, after creating the clip map different fly-ins cold be rendered easily and the "J" would automatically write-on. As with any logo treatment time is always an issue.. in a 30sec ad the logo would usually only get 5 to 8 seconds of screen time. That means the elements should should fly-in and resolve into a recognizable logo quickly. This logo flies in and is perfectly still, if I was doing this again I would have the background move or a sheen move across the logo for the full length of the graphic even after the logo sets.

Tools: lightwave, after effects

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