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ReMax Realtors

AD COPY: (tag only) for national campaign LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel
VIDEO: Leo Burnett Worldwide GRAPHICS: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

Ended up doing this graphic for 17 different realtors and didn't have a font to match the Re/Max Logo so I had to hand draw each name by hand... a true pain in the ass. There are several plugins in Lightwave to help create skies, this however, was a simple plane surfaced with fractal noise. Rendered much faster 1 min 23 sec, as compared to over four minutes a frame with the plugin Skytracer2. Baking a sky image in Skytracer didn't work because I couldn't move the clouds like I wanted. I still hope to use the balloon model in another spot for Re/Max where I can composite the balloon into moving video, like the balloon landing in someones front yard. With more than 100 balloons, the RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon fleet is the largest in the world. This was a tag on a national ad campaign for Re/Max with the last 10sec tagged with this graphic and audio like, "In The Woodland visit Jimmy Franklin your local Re/Max Realitor."

Tools: photoshop, lightwave

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