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Production Element

Screen Graphic

Levantino & Company - Logo Treatment

AD COPY: N/A LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

A CPA firm in the Houston Market, I made Levantino spots for many years and developed this logo treatment to play off the advertising copy of the pieces (a puzzle) that make up a balanced financial portfolio. The logo fly-in on this treatment takes 3 seconds, the remaining 10 seconds of the animation is just has the background moving. When creating logo animations I try to alway keep this in mind. On a thirty second ad your lucky to get 5 seconds for a full screen logo at the end, plus if you don't want the clients phone number to step on the logo reveal the phone number could be on the screen for a very short time. For these ads I usually just used the last 5 to 6 seconds of the animation and never showed fly-in. Lower third phone number bugs and graphics for the body of the ad are quick to create from element of the animation, like I did for the Levantino ads.

Tools: Lightwave, After Effects

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