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Fur and Texture Test

Shakened not Stired

Specs Liquor

AD COPY: N/A LAYOUT: Chris Wetzel
VIDEO: Chris Wetzel GRAPHICS: Chris Wetzel

Design notes:

This walk cycle and fur test is part of a bid to create ads for Spec's Liquor. Its also the first character animation I've ever done. Before starting the animation I wanted to be completely happy with the character model and fur... I'm not completely happy. The bunnys beard is a little to Fu Manchu I wanted more of a Hippy-Nerd. More refining is needed before animation and render with the fur render time per frame being crazy. The orginal liquor store (later to be called Spec's) was owned and run by a man with thick glasses and heavy black frames... customers called him Spec's. Because of this I wanted to give the rabbit thick coke bottle glasses that magnified the rabbits eyes... unfortunately raytrace refractions and fiberFX the syetem that gives the rabbit fur don't work together.

Tools: photoshop, lightwave

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