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Old Render Engine

Electro Voice PL20 Microphone

New PBR Render

Electro Voice PL20 Microphone
Electro Voice PL20 Microphone

Electro Voice PL20 Microphone$20.00

Design notes:

I resurfaced this model when Lightwave moved to a PBR (physically based rendering) engine and added the studio background. The new rendering engine does look better and gets results quicker under all lighting conditions with much less adjustment from scene to scene. I also included a close-up of the PL20 Mic because I'm proud of the detail, the mesh on this mic is polygon geometry, not images with accompanying bump maps. The model includes the PL20 Mic and Boom Arm, the background elements seen in the PBR poster and video: sound studio, mixer, cart machine, and equipment racks are not included. FYI modern studios have none of this equipment its all on a computer now. In 1968 the RE20 microphone was introduced by Electro-Voice, quickly becoming a standard in studio and broadcast applications, and later, utilized in sound reinforcement for low-frequency applications such as the kick drum. I used a version of this model on a poster for We're Organized and spokesman Tom Sullivan (KFMB radio personality) view poster here.

  Creation Tools: Lightwave, Photoshop

  Available Formates: Lightwave, Blender

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