Shure Super 55 Microphone

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Standard & Boom Stands Included

Standard and Boom Mic Stands Included
Standard and Boom Mic Stands Included

Shure Super 55 Microphone$20.00

Design notes:

This is a modern microphone based on an iconic design first introduced in 1939. The Shure 55 Unidyne Series came to symbolize the word “microphone.” Its benchmark status was earned through a reputation as a tireless workhorse and dependable performer, achieved by unprecedented audio quality and reliability. Celebrities, entertainers, and politicians relied on them. They survived wartime service and were familiar fixtures at critical moments in history. Scores of photographs, films, and videos show this microphone series in the company of kings, queens, presidents, and generals. They stood in front of Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald during the Big Band era. Elvis embraced them in performance and on a first-class stamp issued in 1994 by the United States Postal Service. Countless rock stars, past and present, have chosen the 55 Unidyne Series. Today, decades after their first appearance, Unidyne Microphones are as popular and sought after as ever. While the microphones have been improved over the years to keep them technologically up-to-date, they still retain the streamlined appearance of the 1930s model.

  Creation Tools: Lightwave, Photoshop

  Available Formates: Lightwave, Blender

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